It is never too early to introduce your child to swimming.

All children deserve the right to learn to swim. Our dedicated experienced staff are passionate about making your child’s first water experience an enjoyable one.

  • Swimming lessons are great fun and I love my teacher.
  • I can put my face in the water.
  • I can do big jumps in and swim back to the wall.
  • I can float on my back.
  • I love the slide and running off the mat.
  • I have my friends in my class.

The Wester folds swim program is designed to achieve maximum results while the children are having fun. The focus of our program is water familiarisation and independence. As the child gains confidence and their

skill levels increase they will learn survival and water safety skills. The kinder swim program is for children ready to enter a class of 4 students and a teacher. This is generally from 3 years of age; dependant on maturity, each child is assessed on an individual basis.